Foqus Project

Featured Functions

Project Creation

The built-in project creation guide supports the quick and easy creation of project WBS with custom templates. The creation template guides the user through the creation of the master data, participants, budget, etc.

Project Overview

The administrative tasks are reduced to a minimum, and it makes budgeting, execution and follow-up on projects easy. The project plan shows the budget consumed to-date, as well as for resources, materials and other costs, broken down by phase and activity.

Approval of Hours and Expenses

The system can be configured for two different types of authentication: either the project manager approves their own projects, or the manager approves for their employees. Approval is shown in a user-friendly interface, with many filter options, so you can quickly correct and approve each employee's time and expenses.

The person who makes the approval can either correct the consumption or reject it, returning the timesheet to the user for correction before final approval.

App for Time Registration and Expense Management

With the NAV app, the user can easily access NAV and the areas for which the user has permission.