All Resources in one Screen

The resource window is typically used by the department manager to keep track of their resources. In this window you can see what projects are budgeted for and when available. With the built-in resource capability at the bottom of the image, it's easy to see when you have available capacity for new tasks, as well as in what periods you're overbooked.  

With the Drag-and-Drop functionality in this window, besides moving the budgetboxes back and forth between the periods, you can also move them up and down between the resources. That means you can quickly and easily transfer budget activity to other resources. This way, you can maintain an overview of resources while adjusting your activities, while also saving time. Once you oversee resources in a project, this tool will become indispensable, as you can do all that is required in resource management from a single screen.  

When you move budget boxes to new periods or other resources, the system will notify you if there is no available capacity. This way you avoid double-booking your resources, while optimizing your capacity as best as possible.

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