Full Overview At All Times

You can budget on exactly the projects you want. This is done with full and up to date overview of the project phases, specified in the project column. That way, you can easily and continuously monitor when the project starts and is expected to be completed.

The project part is typically used by the project manager to get an overview of their projects. To the left of the project columns, you can see the budgeting of hours on resources or resource groups, when they start, compared with the number of hours spent on the various project activities.

You can directly budget resource or resource groups in the projects, using the graphical scheduling tool. Using resource groups, you can budget long-term for later - when you get closer to project start date - to allocate the specific resources to project activities. This is done using "split budget", where you allocate budgeted hours from the resource group to certain resources and activities.

When the activities are budgeted, they will appear as green or blue horizontal boxes (depending on whether the activity can be billed) in the Gantt window, as shown in the illustration. In the Gantt window, you can use Drag-and-Drop functionality so you can move the the boxes back and forth, as well as change the budgeted number of hours.

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