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Project Management Solution

Foqus Project is a solution for managing the finances and resources of the project. The solution is certified for Dynamics NAV and can help you manage the entire project management process, including:

  • Easy and quick creation of projects
  • Budgeting of resources, goods, expenses and other project-related costs
  • Tendering
  • Resource allocation (Gantt view)
  • Purchase for project
  • Billing of billing and fixed price projects
  • Managing milestones and payment plans
  • Controlling ongoing work (IGVA)
  • Overview via dashboard on key figures and KPIs

You know the questions; How many hours did employees spend on the project? How much has been spent on the project? You need quick and accurate answers. The answer is available with Foqus Project.


Foqus Project Web to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • Effective overview of hours and costs
  • The overview provides better budget management
  • Strong basis for quick and accurate billing of customers = better cash flow
  • Access to all via the web
  • Easy and user-friendly approval

Do you want your business to give you, your project managers and department managers a great overview of your resources, projects and activities? With the graphical planning tool for Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Foqus Project, it can be a reality.


Foqus Project Gantt for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Does your business mainly work with project creation, budgeting and execution?  Then the overview you get through the graphical planning tool will be crucial.

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