Foqus Project is a flexible project management tool that helps address the challenges faced by companies with project-based activities

Foqus Project has been an effective solution for project-based companies for close to 20 years. The product can be used across a wide array of industries where there is a focus on working with projects.

The project management solution provides a complete, user-friendly overview of projects, resources, time, finance, time registration and more. The solution is fully integrated with Dynamics NAV, which helps provide users with real-time information for managing projects and resources.

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Why choose Foqus Project?

Improved Project Overview and Profitability
Foqus Project is a certified module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It extends the accounting capabilities of Dynamics NAV in connection with projects and is a flexible project management tool. Foqus Project addresses the needs of most companies and organizations with project-based activities.

Project Creation and Planning
The built-in project creation guide supports an easy and quick creation of project WBS with custom templates. Administrative tasks are reduced to a minimum, and it simplifies the budgeting, execution and follow-up on projects. The project plan shows the budget consumed to-date, as well as for resources, materials and other costs, broken down by phase and activity.

The new budget overview gives you a complete, user-friendly overview of finance, time and resources. You can create multiple versions of the project budget and compare changes. The actual hourly rates are always fully updated and available throughout the process. The budget feature makes it easy for you to edit and recycle data, and you can also import/export Excel data.

Resource Allocation / Outlook Integration
Foqus Project provides you with a quick and easy overview of resources and resource budget, and you can allocate resources through integration from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Microsoft Outlook.

Integration with Foqus Project Management Tools
Most project managers will manage their project in a Gantt view. This can be done through integration to PM Gantt. It is possible to transfer the resource budget from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to PM Gantt to make your adjustments and then update Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the changes.

With all project information contained in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, invoicing is an automatic process that doesn’t require additional entries. Invoices are created based on billable consumption, and the retail level can be customized to suit your customer's needs. Choose what you want to bill, postpone items for later, change sales prices, group posts and add information text to the customer. This enables you to bill customers quickly, easily and as often as you like, thus improving cash flow.

Payment Schedule
Foqus Project supports most types of payments on projects, whether based on milestones, percent-complete or regular contracts based on time and materials.

Revenue from Projects
It is important to have an up to date  view of the project financials - especially if the projects run over several reporting periods. Foqus Project supports common methods for estimating ongoing work - by budget or actual expenses, as well as by type of resource, item and cost. This can be done with or without completion and use cost prices or sales prices as a base. Foqus Project also allows for effective impact analysis with a simple overview of which accounts are affected by revenue postings.

Administration of Prices and Monitoring of KPI
Foqus Project has many built-in KPIs, which at a project or resource level, support monitoring of hourly rates, earnings and resource utilization.

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